Roman Guilloche

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Giselle was brilliant this afternoon! She came out of the school enormously proud of herself that she has been transferred to the next stage of her reading scheme namely chapter books! Really well done I was so proud of her her reading is great. Her first book she has independently chosen is ‘Matilda’ Roald Dahl, we have seen a musical together last year she loved it. Although there was that scene were Mrs Crunchball is throwing one of the pupils by her hair high into the air and they throw a child-like looking puppet which landed with a thud on the ground – that was a bit too drastic for my taste I can still remember it with horror.. Charlize also was terrified.. but other than this it was great!

She spent all afternoon finishing her school half term project (yep we are one and a half weeks late..) which is a Roman mosaic. It is really nice is is a Roman Guilloche pattern and sh eis using the real stone mosaic together with the grout to finish it off. It is looking really good – again truly proud of my little girl ;-).


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