My perfect Hubs has just texted me ‘I’ve now got 3 poppies’ ;-). And it would be nothing extraordinary if not the fact that.. it is a very extraordinary thing! Only in my previous post I have moaned of how ‘slightly detached’ he is and to be honest I have now conceited that it is a part of his personality and he would better be left alone or otherwise (..). So I am totally shocked by his efforts to try and remember (!) the fact that the children have been all asking him this morning to buy them a poppy each. On his way to work he texted me that there are no poppies on sale (not surprised after all the celebrations took place at the weekend) but during his lunch break he remembered (!) and must have got some. I consider it a miracle.. for all I know he may be having a sneaky read into my very first blog right now (although kept totally confidential from every single human I know so not possible 😉 or our minds are simply so synchronised after 11 years of marriage that the thoughts are simply flowing between our minds unrestricted by the time or distance. Whatever it it – well done Hubs for being on top of things I am truly impressed (not that you will ever read it but the thought may reach you somehow and hopefully make you feel proud of yourself ;-). Thank you for thinking of your children while at work – it is one of the biggest compliment a father can make to his own family… Thank you Hobs and long may it last (it won’t.. sorry ;-0).


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