Truly excited!

Good Morning

It took me a while to realise why I am so totally exhausted most of the time. Surely they are not babies anymore and I do get full undisturbed 6 (if lucky even 7) hours of sleep every night. It must be all the tiredness which has accumulated in some mysterious parts of my body over the years and it is creeping upon me every time I try to tell myself I am past it now – no more exhaustion from being a mum of three! 😉

It is strange but no matter how many hours of sleep I get there is never enough for my body to feel rested (well I have not tested it to its limits though ie sleeping till 11am or so ;-0). It is probably all that sleep deprivation which has accumulated over the last years…

Ok so there are three children (Giselle, 8 Conrad, 6 and Arthur, 4) and they are the happiest things in my life. Then there is my hubbie (will call him Hubs) who is always there for us and loves us all but is also constantly drifting somewhere between his work, Beethoven, meditation and space tv programmes (yes I know it could be much worse so thank you god ;-). And me of course being a default parent trying to manage it all the best or the worse at times I can…

It can be busy, it can be madly busy and I would never understand all these mums and their immaculate looking houses and cars! My children don’t quite look immaculate – well at least that’s not what my aim is ;-).

I told Conrad not to scoot through the paddle yesterday afternoon only to see him a couple of minutes later going head down straight into the paddle. Everything including his pants were totally soaking wet. From the hindsight I should have taken him home and change but I took him to his karate class instead. I changed him into his immaculate looking white baggy (no pants as too wet to put it on) trousers and a white huge top which will be too big for him even when he is 16 (I always try to get ‘a size’ bigger items so they will last longer 😉 and got a cup of hot chocolate to share between the four of us (there is only that many take away cups one can buy in a day!)

Anyway so much to say so little time – let’s take one word at the time and keep the letters flowing… I am doing it for myself, for my own sanity, for my own sake. Still feeling guilty every time I mention the word ‘myself’ as have not been in use in my vocabulary for years now…

The children bring the best and the worse out of you and the only way to balance it all out is to find some way of expressing yourself.. I tried exercising (planning to get back to it soooon..) but feeling like there is so many unspoken words inside me that I simply need to get it out – sorry guys! 😉 So let the fun begin!

Ha ha ha the moment I have written it I looked outside the window and it has been pouring down with rain! Inevitably this morning I have took all three children’s duvet to the garden to freshen them up a bit. It was a mad dash but of course by the time I got to them there were soaking wet! Now where are these spare blankets I would have to give to my lovely children for tonight? ;-0



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