Choir Concert and homeschooling

Busy day today – walked with Conrad’s class to the veterans war memorial. A brisk 15 minutes walk in the rain – the children were quite challenging to manage and constantly squabbling over who goes first. Makes you realise some of these very young 6-year olds already have a very competitive nature. My gentle boy looks even more gentle next to some of them – often I am worried about him whether he is strong enough to cope in this ‘alpha male’ dominated environment but then I look at him and his confidence is beaming. Somehow he manages to find his own way of expressing himself and I think he has an ‘inner confidence’ about himself – at least that is what I have been trying to install into him…

Arthur has got back from the school trip absolutely shattered but enjoyed it – he apparently seen ‘a real king and the queen’ so place well worth a visit ;-).

And a very late night tonight as went for Giselle’s choir performance from her music school. It was good – and she was simply amazing! She had a solo part (a couple of verses but still) and when she sang her voice was very clear, strong and beautiful! I really did not realize how strong her voice is (yes she can shout extremely loud at home but somehow I never put these two together ;-)! it was a large space basically old church converted into a modern art centre and so there was lots to fill in and she did it! After the concert both her choir teacher and the school director commented on how brilliantly she did! Well done Giselle! 😉

I have also met an old friend of mine – she has taken her son out of the state first and private next mainstream education and has been homeschooling him. These are very early days but she thinks the changes in her boy are already remarkable and he seems much more content with himself. It is a brave decision and I have nothing but admiration for the parents (or rather mums as ultimately they end up doing all this hard work). I am on a verge of exhaustion and insanity and a decision like that would simply knocked me over! ;-0 Imagine researching the whole curriculum for all three, setting it in blocks so all the subjects link together, then executing it (!) and trying to fit it in with lots of extra curriculum activities, trips and not to mention preparing the meals and running the house!!! wow I truly have no idea how is she going to do all this?! Her husband is away most of the week on business and only back home for the weekends… The boy is very very bright (speaks fluently three languages at the age of 6) but very fidgety and with not quite enough discipline. But then again for her ‘discipline is to teach the child to show compassion to others’ so he may have lots according to his mother standards…

I am all up for it – it is just one of these things I could never commit myself to. Too much work, too great risk, not enough financial resources, too much frustration for all involved.. But I totally admire mothers who are doing it.. Our conversation gave me flash backs to this video I have only watched yesterday:


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