back in a ‘choc’ ;-0

If you find yourself sneaking into the baking ingredients cupboard and nibbling on ‘for baking only dark chocolate’ does it mean that your dark chocolate addiction has got out of control? ;-( I just fear it may be the case for me.. I purposely stopped buying all kind of dark chocolate to keep myself (and the rest of the family has been forced to suffer as well for which I do profoundly apologize ;-0) out of a bad habit of reaching for a ‘bit’ every time I.. happen to get my eyes on that terribly tempting cupboard.. ughh nothing works really.. I found myself nibbling on kids snacks if they have the slightest trace of dark chocolate in/ on/ within them.. how sad is that…

Saying that the ‘baking only dark chocolate’ is nowhere near as lovely as the Blacks & White organic one but then.. let me verify it again.. back in a ‘choc’ ;-0


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