Londontastic Museums!

We live in one of the most fascinating city in the world and only too often we choose to stay home on our day off instead of venturing out there with our children.

I am passionate about showing the children all the interesting sights London has to offer. There are simply not enough weekends in the year to take them to all the places but if we only choose one per month that would be a great start!

The children love learning about the new things and discovering the world around them and by seeing it they will remember it for a very long time.

It is never too early to take them to places and more often than not one visit is never enough. We tend to go back to our favourite places time and time again and needless to say every time they discover something totally new, different things capture their attention not to mention different children activities the places has on offer every time we visit.

And I always try to ‘get into the child’s skin’ and see things through their eyes, which can be a totally new experience! There are so many things we can learn at the same time as our children are learning if only we choose to ‘step down from our pedestal’ and simply engage with them other than ‘bossing them about’ the whole time ;-).

It can be a great family bonding experience! We are not only spending the time together – we are also discovering the new places/ things together and learning the new things together!

It allows us to be somebody different than the ‘know-it-all’ parent they often know from home. We can relax and engage with them on a different level once the ‘kitchen sink’ is out of our vicinity ;-). It is more of a partnership relationship and the children can sense it.

It is always good to think of a way to try and keep these precious memories alive so you can all get back to it from time to time. We found scrapbook to be a great way of preserving these. The children will pick up a flyer/ leaflet/ ticket/ postcard from the shop, anything related to the place we are visiting and cut the pictures and stick them into their scrapbook together with some short piece of writing recalling their experience.

It is again a great way to learn more about your child and quite often I was surprised by the sharp observations they made or minor details they recalled or a total difference of opinion between what I thought and what they did! A great way to learn to respect one another opinion!


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