One of these late hot summer evenings…

One of these beautiful long summer evenings, when the last thing you want is to embark on the night time routine and put the children to bed the same time as usual ;-). So after somewhat late dinner we took the paints, brushes and drawing paper and went into the garden to enjoy the evening… (and yep we all slept 45min longer this morning but somehow managed to make it to school bang on on time! ;-)).

Conrad was the happiest by cycling around us on his bicycle while Giselle, Arthur and me sat down on the grass and started to paint ;-). Nothing spectacular, it was just to unwind by the end of a busy day and soak up the early summer atmosphere while occupying our hands and minds by painting ;-).

Nicely enough the Hubs walked in just as we were starting our journey and happily joined in. It left me with no choice but to paint him sitting casually on the grass opposite me with his wavy hair and lovely smile (which of course is not visible on the picture ;-)).

That is how you create these ‘happy memories’ I guess.. 😉

AXakOFDz8FyOelBu.jpg VF6lXVnKkEpzmGsl.jpg 3AqDuJiD0sHZpvvh.jpg


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