Another fabulous place to visit with children – the British Museum!

I found myself early on Sunday morning in central London due to Giselle’s Lamda exam. The exam was over and done with in 15 minutes and by 11am we were free to eplore! 😉

The closest to our location were Hamleys  toy shop and the British Museum, a non-brainer for both of us ;-).

We headed straight to the Information desk at the British Museum, as the easiest way for me is to explore any museum with the children is to hire a Family backpack. It gives me and the children a great focus and it means that they don’t feel overwhelmed by a vast choice of exhibits. Of course we will often stop and ‘loose ourselves for a while’ in whatever captures our attention  but at least a backpack provides a welcome point of reference and bring us ‘down on earth’ ;-).

Giselle has chosen ‘Jobs in Roman Britain’ Family backpack which meant to last 1.30 hrs but in reality it is more like an hour.

All the activities took place in one large Room on the Upper floor (so we stopped many times at different exhibits on our way there which added some extra fun!).

She had to imagine that she lived in 43BC (when Roman emperor Claudius conquered Britain) and was looking for a job. The backpack introduced her to some of the occupations at the time, like:

  • builder (where she got to explore mortar, flint ans tiles pieces which were all found in the backpack)
  • mosaic maker (where she got a board and was asked to make a piece of mosaic using some felt squares)
  • blacksmith (where she had to match different objects into the case)
  • shoe maker (where she got to explore different types of footwear and even got to wear one provided in her backpack!)
  • soldier in the Roman army (where she learnt about different types of armour)
  • procurator (where she learnt different writing techniques and got to try her skills on the wooden stylus provided)
  • priest (where she listened to a recording describing different gods and tried to match them to the god statutes in the case).

After trying her hands on seven different jobs, Giselle almost instantly announced that she would like to be a procurator as she would like to write and learn Latin! 😉 Her least favorite were builder and soldier ;-).

We both had lots of fun and learnt a great deal of things. After spending another 40 minutes exploring some of the Greek pieces we went for a lovely and healthy lunch to Wagamama (3 minutes walk).

I just love spending time with Giselle. And there is something truly special about one-to-one, I really think they are as important as the whole family time out. The interaction is much more intense and I always feel more relaxed not having to constantly divide my attention into many different things. I always try to build in these one-to-one special times with my children whenever I can, be it a day out or just a couple of hours. These are very unique moments and I treasure them a lot.



PIY (Plan It Yourself):

How to get there:

By London Underground:

The nearest underground stations are Tottenham Court Road and Holborn. It is 10 minutes walk from both.


Entry: Free

Backpack hire: Free

I still cannot believe it?! Such a brilliant cultural experience at our doorstep topped up with the free great quality learning resources (back pack) and it is ALL for FREE! 🙂



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