About Me

My name is Phoebe (about to hit 40 this year!) and I am a mum to three children Giselle (9), Conrad (7) and Arthur (5). During these early years I could only dream about doing anything else other than looking after them – I was simply too tired and too hands-on to embark on anything else other than day-to-day existence or shall I say survival! 😉

Now once they have grown ‘a bit’ I can finally find some time to collect my thoughts and start writing which is what I love most!

I think two thoughts would definite me best while describing the relationship with my children.

‘The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice’ helps me to relate my own thoughts and actions towards them (including these late night bedtimes challenging times…). I talk to them the way I would like them to relate to one another, to their friends, to their future partner and their own children and to myself and my husband be it now or at any point in the future.

‘The stodgy parent is no fun at all’ – Roald Dahl’s ‘parenting advice’ helps me to find the right balance between keeping discipline and being fun at the same time (or if not possible at least at different times as long as the balance is right in the long run). I love being creative and always try to inject some original thinking, alternative way of looking into things and ‘out of the box’ thinking into our lives!

And yes I can still just about remember having life before the children but it seems like a different world to me now. I hold a law degree but never worked in the legal sector as by the time I have done my LPC course I gave birth to our second child so the choice was made. I love every single (however hard ;-)) moment I spent with my children and looking forward to many more.

I have a keen interest in music and art and would loved to share these passions with my children as well as others hence the idea of this blog. We often go out to some truly brilliant places and even though we live in London I believe everyone can find something interesting and engaging for their family, wherever they live.

Often what is needed is some research, enthusiasm and an open mind! So I thought I will share my family personal experiences together with some practical tips as to the location, how to get there and cost so to save you on the research bit! 😉 At the end of each post there is ‘PYI – Plan It Yourself’ section which gives you all you need to know to get out of the house and start exploring! 😉

We live in London, UK.

You can contact me on banksymum3@gmail.com


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